Sunday, 20 August 2017

A productive day

Assalamualaikum & Good evening everybodyyyy. This morning I was freaked out by mom and decided to jot it here lol. But before that, I want to let you know I had a minor surgery today,ok kidding. I just have root canal treatment and the fear to meet the dentist is real agagaga. I don't know whether my tooth is dead and rest in peace or still much alive -_- because sometimes I feel like it is still kicking. Anyway basically the first step is the doctor will tidy up the cavity because I have a small bump swollen at the area of my teeth. For real she is really nice,,,having the same doctor as last time. I think she is an intern, but thumbs up for the treatment! The vital part began and oh yeah I got injected for two times, I think maybe right into the nerves to reduce the 'not begin yet' pain. My eyes are raining,umbrella ela ela ea ea ea. For more information about the treatment(if you are like me,google everything but end up getting much fear) please check out the video below----->>>

The funny thing is, there was an announcement about my car, I parked in the wrong spot.I didn't even notice that because that was my favorite spot for years. What the heck? I was doing the treatment at that moment ergh. I waited for the second announcement, then I will certainly park my car somewhere else ok tapi takde la pulak announcement nya. I need another appointment with the doctor, it takes about 4-5 treatment actually. I didn't want to go to private clinic because the government one is much cheaper and I can back home regularly HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. After the treatment is done I went to my car and this happened

The two cars were blocking me,anyway obviously it was my fault. Alhamdulillah I make it,reverse like kerezehhhhh. I got home after baking stuff and grocery shopping and sat at the kitchen with my mom.And then,,, I lend her my phone and she start scrolling into LAZADA website

mom: "Smartnyaaa"

I was stunned by mom.Is she saw a screenshot of my crush's picture???!
and also mom: "Smart TV"

Phew Thanks God. Siti came to my house today, we made home made kimbap! Counting days to university life huhu..........................Anyway thanks for reading guys and see ya! Much LOVE, Hazierah.

Thursday, 13 July 2017


Currently waiting for my flight,I'm superexcited and cant wait to get home! Last night was a hectic day where I packed for my things because I need to move to another house and the thing is I hate packing...

and then I did'nt manage to finish my post lol

Salam & Whats up guys, I'm very sorry for the delayed post.I promise to tell about my new life at university, and lol the truth is I dont have any idea to publish even a post pft.

So I have been a student at UNIMAS for 2 semester and it was great :D

The only roomate during matrics and now we are at the same uni!

 This picture was taken during my first Raya Haji celebration at Sarawak. In the morning me, Kak Ji, Abg Asri went to the masjid and after that we went to Ansari's nanny house and Angah Asma'i friends' house. It was awkward at the moment because I can't understand what they were talking about and everytime they talked to me I was like
and fooled myself with a fake laugh, I actually misinterpret information because... they were actually asking question.MEH. Bahasa Melayu Sarawak is not bad, it is just not all the words that they use,, are same with Bahasa Melayu and it is confusing me a bit but recently before going back to Terengganu,  I went to the same house ANDDDD I can finally understand them Alhamdulillah. (yep I test my bahasa sarawak there)

This picture was taken when I went picnic with my cousin to the Ranchan Waterfall, Serian located at Sarawak as well. 6 out of 10 

Mount Serapi 2600ft my first hiking! Letih mak oiiii

Our first Latihan Berterusan (LB)

Annual Camp Junior SIRI 20. A week in the jungle oh yeah and now I'm officially declare myself as Tarzan's friend.

UNIMAS Lake.Kayaking for the first time and I think for the last time,because you actually need to be a part of Kayak Club something and luckily we got a green light on that day..

Steamboat time! that is my housemate

ASEAN PACIFIC RELATIONSHIP. Be a voluenteer and actress of the day

ROTU FAMILY DAY.My Family at Unimas,at my College.Spot me in blue jersey! I won gold medal for takraw yaw haha even I, myself has no function.

I have 3 years more to spend at my uni and I hope I can graduate well with a good result. When I stress up I will go to my study desk, read for my undergraduate course book and make a countdown LOL. Of course sometimes I regret for not getting what I want to study which is engineering but as for now I (think) still can cope with my course even I always stress out with programming, I dunno what my future will look like and what a job I'm getting into.I stress so much about these after SPM and it actually doesn't improve my life at all actually and for now I will continue to live my life and try to make a better tomorrow,Amin amin aminnn. Thanks for reading peeps and bye <3 See you


Sunday, 29 January 2017

Welcome to Sarawak Hazierah

Be a university student surely a wish come true,either me or anyone else are sharing the same feeling of enjoyment and happiness when you are finally enter the university.

"Belajar pandai-pandai nanti boleh masuk u"

Alhamdulillah,I finally archieve that.My course is Network Computing,yeah science computer.To tell you,I scared to death when I checked the UPU result,like seriously and the first thing I wanted to check is which uni I get and Alhamdulillah here I am,Unimas Sarawak and the people who flash a smile was my mother, ignoring the fact about many parents out there dont want to send their kids here -_- my mom is super mom.When people ask me why Unimas?What I was thinking when I filled the UPU are:

#By distance it is far from my home,but by time sebenarnya lebih cepat sampai rumah.
#Kos Unimas gempak-gempak,which I think it is true *not boasting myself,at ALL
#Facilities,but the operation of bowling centre is close already *tipahtertipu but hey we have swimming pool so ok la

The first week at UNIMAS,there was Minggu Aluan Pelajar (MAP) which is the part I hate the most but surely there's a sweet moment that I can cheer on until today.On the last day of MAP week,there was Malam Rumpun Budaya and I was the cheerleader of the night *vomit.Got many friends,and also a new nickname coz my face is almost similar with a senior.

this is Sakura College,freaking small coz the design came from Japan

Move in to another college

I only spent two weeks in Sakura before I moved to another hostel which is Kolej Kenanga.Why?Because I join PALAPES DARAT,this is 100% true please don't laugh because only me can do that, HAHAHAHAHAHAH gelakkan diri sendiri sambil nyanyi lagu siapa suruh masuk Palapes

Of course the expectation and the reality were totally a different word from another world,world of aliens and predators (please get me).And after a few selections,interview,and isi borang banyak nak mampus,officially I am budak Palapes,please google if you don't know what it is because I only know about Palapes in matrics before but didn't care.And know what,I need to go through Minggu Suai Kenal(MSK) *onlyforpalapes.Please remember the fact that I hate orientation week.AND again,I'll never forget that week,the struggle to become a part of this family is very challenging,and when our seniors officially announced we are officially their brothers and sisters,I think I really want to cry of happiness.

This post can be very long if I decide to tell the details XD ,wait for the next post yaw because I want to sleep after a hectic week,er I  think this happens every week.See ya,bye!