Thursday, 26 May 2011

jUsT a SiMpLe tYpInG

Hello there! Truely,this is my second first blog is private n i don wanna tell u ok "mmg aku nk delete da pon"

i create this blog because i want to share all of my problems or anything that i feel today,yesterday or tomorrow and the importance one is to improve my language and im gonna take this for my hobby..
i will introduce my self..

my nickname is Hazierah
im 14years old n still study..i have 3 bestfriends name"s Azwa,Hanis and Hafizah..They r, rock! ican told them anything even about my *tut*tut*. Haha,lol..just kidding u know..about my family,herm..i <3 them so much..they such my life! ok,next about my *tut*tut*..Actually, i never had a "boyfriend".Huh,, want to know who will be my boyfriend? just wait n see in the next 3,4,5,6,7....count it by urself OK? or,K.O? haha  <^_^>

so, finish reading? left a comment yea!
that"s all 4 my first post,daaaa....

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