Saturday, 19 November 2011

Pleasure is the flower that passes.Remembrance, the lasting perfume...

The rest of the evening was so special..I was completely carried away with having fun with my sisters..

p/s: "waa,sejak bila ada kakak ni"

My sisters a.k.a my roommate! After having a tea, we moved on to the very important job that is 'melepak n ambik gambar'..Ahakk!          

We switched our positions and paused to smile.Click,flash!-Not a good one,but still o.k!!

I had to hold my hands to my eyes to get a proper look at Tihah..

Fighting! err,but not that 'love',haha


Kak Yong, kak ngah, alang, adek, baby, cu,,all the Aspuri,
uwaaa feel very happy and sad...ops,sometimes we get so used to not really feeling anything,just going with the flow, that we forget how it feels to be really happy or really sad..So,this year we had really been happy together..These memories can"t be replace!

uauoooowah (any idea to make a sound that means "mengantuk?")
That"s all for this morning...12:56 a.m? Goodnight?or I should say 
"Selamat Pagi semua" ?


Nur Hazierah 

P/S: Writting a blog wasn"t going to be faster as I'd hoped...


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