Saturday, 26 May 2012

start to find the star

I'm home!oh yeah, another week passed,waiting for my big days..PMR urgh  =_=

Last week,I have struggled for my exam..I know it will need more effort for the 8a's..Need a lot of effort, a lot of sacrifices and a lot of urea..Haha, good enough in science exrection form 3 topic.Gelakk lah weyh,aku buat lawakk nii...   =_=   insane

Back to my exam week,I admit that I studied last minute..I just pray and perhaps another coming exam not gonna be like this AGAIN..Aminn..Doa' is a muslim weapon right? Like u know, I am one of the secondary students that had be given two week holiday without any added homework..But my teachers are so brilliant and  have ready to give us some 'goodies' to back home..Psss, I just bring back my essay homework..WOW,excellent Hazierah...Good and yeah and yeah...OK ENOUGH!

This night I dont know why I turn to a real student..I mean, I do some revision and practice to prepare for my PMR.. "tak mengantuk pon U" Of course la sebab u bangun pukul berapa tadi? Eehheehehehehe
Then, after I finished uwhhhahhahaaahaa (evil laugh) I turn to my OLD me,again..Open this lappy again..and again  +-+ .... Hello, dalam internet ada nicotine ke?

Enough crapping, good night..or i have to say, good morning and ASSALAMUALAIKUM

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