Thursday, 23 August 2012

I am an owl *cute owl

Menyampah dengan tajuk di atas?ahakk,kata-kata tu doa so memang tak salah la kan..Ok lets start..It's already 4.55 a.m. wink-wink feel excited and not sleepy.why why why..NOTHING special tO post because my Eid's pictures are not save yet in this lappy..Waaaaaa,so tenshion!My usb camera is gone..MISSING IMPOSIBLE..So, I just want to share something to you... Tarraaaaa

Quite beautiful but i think this is scary..I think a hideous witch is hiding behind this house errrr

Siapa nak ikut aku pergi angkat jari kaki!

This is just a credit to me..It's like a support.. "I am TePCESIAN right,be strong" 

Ready for PMR?!Oh ya,my homeworks are not done yet..bye,Assalamualaikum


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