Sunday, 9 December 2012


Assalamualaikum..Happy morning..Feel great,hope our day will filled with barakah from Allah SWT.Actually I just wondering why people including me keep complaining about their life especially bout time.Not enough time to do this,to do that and lalalalalala.ETC,when its part for the AGAMA TIME,I keep rushing like I am the busier man in the world.Ignoring and sometimes complaining.Masyaallah

The best example is right now.Two months without doing anything that can be proud and improve myself.Look!Wasting too much time is not a right choice.How long you will able to keep your breathe in this world?Awkward?So my friends,together we recover and upgrade our iman.How's?Never abandon our solat,try our best to start for tahajud,read quran and others.It will be more good if we know the meaning in solat.So,why not?I got this one from a web..Sorry,dont remember what site is it.Maybe next time.Enjoy it!


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