Friday, 4 January 2013

Hi Teachers,and HOY Geng


I attended my school on third days,well I have a reason for that.So,my first day of school was going well.Interesting start!Typical Thursday,read Surah Yassin at surau.First day of school represents the beginning of a new year when students are given the opportunity to learn and take the next step forward.

Actually form4 students had an orientation on the first day,seems like Cikgu Aziz,our counselor tried to help us to identify ourselves,bout what we like,unlike,what we gonna be when we grow up.Personality test and I missed that day,ok.But lucky me,Miela and others have explained to me bout what they learnt and I'm also done taking that 'test' when I am in form 1.And I got the'REALISTIC' one.Low interpersonal skills,materialistic (nak hidup,kena la materialistik sikit),natural,self-conscious,prefer to work outside the building,firm,love doing something using hands,machine etc.suitable to be an engineer,Insyaallah.

My class is 4Brilliant,new friends,please be friendly.30 students in a class?Oh my!Last year my class only had 26students.And guess what?! My sit is at the back of the class.OH OH OH.Meet new classmates neighbour,Eza and Nabilah Fatini.Alhamdulillah,you olls semua baik-baik.I prefer biology.Got 24 text books,voww.P/s:Fahmi,aku kira buku aku ada 24 la,bukan 25,boloks.Get ready for next week,wehehehehe excited,and a little nervous.

Oh Allah,please give me enough strength and ability to face difficulties in my life,amin..


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