Thursday, 28 February 2013

The pale light of weeks

Long time no see and I miss my blog.I didn't have mood to talk much.I was not accepted to MRSM.Very disappointed.I feel a bit cold.I hate everything.I dont have mood to go to school and I hate everyone!Seriously stupid.

Day by day.I have to say I feel a lot more cheerful.Family and friends will help immersely in getting over a broken heart,hehehe.And Tepces,I know you still love me as you don't let me go out of there.Teachers,pals and of course makcik kantin.Eh?I say the truth,who will buy jambu batu when recess?Who else,huh?If I move to MRSM, I also don't have any opportunities to learn rubic's solving techniques from Farhana a.k.a NuFar.She is my sifu panda and she is single.Believe me.

Oh ya,,,,,,form 4 exams just around the corner.I don't have any mood to revise.Class streaming?I want to stay in my class!4Brilliant,don't let me go!2013 is a miserable year.I must catch up for many lessons and I like... want to hands up and say "Please!I'm surrender.."  Drama,fullstop.

MRSM, I reckon depression wouldn't exist anymore,but I can't bring myself to smile.


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