Saturday, 23 March 2013

A morning

I hope they understand me,a little hope.Also can't?I know this isn't their fault.And they maybe said that im ok with that.People at school ,BOTH of them think im the one who does'nt have any feeling. Bastarddddddd.Yeah I become rude person.I don't know since when I become like this.When I feel angry with someone, my mouth keep blow out harsh words.Some,like..I dont have to tell you right.AND NOW,I have problem with Chemistry,,eventhough I dont get fail in that subject but I just hate it.i dunno why.This is not my teacher's fault.and know what?I had absent for a day just because I have to attend class for that subject.Mentally crumbled.I kept reminiscing the old time.Time when in primary school.No one cares bout having problems-KOT.haha,but time won't come back.Spm results of my school,bonda(bonda leni) cakap ada peningkatan, tapi cikgu-cikgu sumer cakap 'menurun menurun'.Decrease of person who got straight a’s maybe.I’m very jelous of alumni TePCES who got excellent results.Teacher called their names,stand up from their sits,get their mom(s) or father(s) and get a hug!So sweet!.I hope I can have the same situation,one day insyaallah.I must study,rajin mengatasi bijak n SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND.that’s all from today,thank you.sincerely yours,Hazierah yang cun.KAHKAHKAH

If you are still alive,maybe you are the one who walking up to the stage


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