Saturday, 29 November 2014


Hello everyone, *wipethedust *wipetears ehek

It's been a while I didn't update my blog.I'm not that toooo busy even I'm Spm candidate,ops sorry ex spm,my last and senior year has ended.I'm not sure this is happy ending or whatever you can think because happinest ^_^ and problems T-T always come and ruin your life haha,and surely you cannot avoid them.I just pray to Allah to make me easy in handling all the circumstance.I hv finish my exam,and wowowo damn addmath  pissed me off again.

After my biology paper 3,we started searching for Ruski,si mi segera,I'm not in the mood to celebrate my freedom,I just regret for some papers I didn't perfom well but as you know my besties always not dissapointing me,we managed to finish 4 movie in a night lol,awesome night man.I'm not sure I still will surrounded with those precious people in the future.continue my holiday or pengangguran day I can say with locking myself in myroom,I dunno why *Ijustknowbutsurelycannottellyoupeople Oh I just get back from KFC,and met my classmate,urm nothing change haha,kemmonnnn man holidays just begin.

I read ____malay novel,and I think I'm totally wasting my time on it.I cannot stand for the girl character in that novel,to be honest,ada ke pasrah kena kahwin camtu je,erghhh slow kena kawin ngan org jahat,yes I'm judging and complaining,ok stop emo pulak. Anyway I have to go,Flower boy next door is waiting for me,hehe Anyeong,welcome to my korean life.

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