Thursday, 16 April 2015

2015 part 2

It's 1:16 am now and currently in front of mom's laptop.It has been a while since my last post.I just read half of a shit ghost story,stuck n stop my reading when I read he/she wants to grab his/her bag (I don't know the gender)and suddenly he/she realises it is a head with the shitty hair,ergh.Anyway, I got my SPM result and it is not a good result to be a happy ending of my school time.

January is tough, but finally get my driving license.Feb, I attended my first interview to be LAE.Nothing to be proud about as I failed to do my best plus nervous and starving but it's a good experience actually, not everyone can enter the hangar area.Their uniforms are cool, look alike the pilots exclude the blazer or what so called and tie.Feb also teach me to be braver and I learn a lot when I followed my father to the worksite, hardware, and now I know how paints have many colours, lame Hazierah lame and jakuness.Every time my parents talk about "bancuh cat" thingy, I thought it's supposed to be a manual way, you measure the portion and mix it,tudiaaaa and I'm totally wrong -_-'

March,my mom's birthday yeay,yeah me too.Kek paling besar pernah aku dapat thanks umi,abah and tak lupa Cikgu Herwanti susah-susah baking kek untuk beday girl err~~ Seriously she has a very good baking skill even she just learn it from internet and she has many cats!April hurm,loading.....I attended Ipg test, a test sama ada ko layak jadi cikgu ke tidak.Paling benci timbang berat depan abang kacak,nanges.Bakal-bakal cikgu ni handsome jugak,seriously.Next next next,attended LAE interview,again haha orang tu pun pelik camne dapat iv dua kali lam tahun yang sama.Rezeki saya kak.Kau bukan adik aku!!Tolongla hentikan perangai creepy a.k.a koya ini.Dapat matrix,accounting hurm tak kot,tambahan pula ramai pulak tempat sama,get rid people,you get rid first Zierooh,haahhaha wekk.

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