Thursday, 11 February 2016

Life Updated

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone.So I guess this is my first post for 2016,yeah too lazy to blogging,I tend to be a silent reader.Alhamduillah to The Almighty, Allah SWT, for this amazing life,I still survive and live my life at matrics.I never imagine my life will be hectic like this,yea I told you I need to buy a new pack of fullscap almost every week for my second semester so before you decide to persue your study here,think deeply and ask yourself whether you can cope this challenge.But I can't deny that life in matrics has make me stronger,I thought lecturer will ignore you when you didn't finish your homework,or when you get a low mark in any exam or quizzes,but there you are Hazierah,ok I will share about it when I end my study here.Gopenghagen!! Ok forget about that,let's remember and enjoy the sweet moments.

First,I am PRD member,stands for Pembimbing Rakan Dinamik which I never bimbing anyone and JMM Iktisod (Jawatan Masjid).Gila kuasa.I thought I didn't get the PRD interview,which I only know when Aisyah told me.Clumsy.But on this second semester,I decided to stay only in PRD.I have my own reason,dm me if you want to know uwekk >_<

My second sweet moment when I play basketball again!!!! I participated in KAKOM which was held in Matric Pahang,girls didn't win but it was an awesome experience.I have a sporting coach,Madam Haslila,she even give me her new Adidas Shoes T-T .Not forgetting Sir John,coach for boys aka math lecturer.Funny and still teasing me until now when we meet. For KAKOM team,we have a few programs including team building,this is one of the embarassing experience in my life,because I woke up at 9++ a.m. when we supposed to gather at 8 I guess before going to Gua Tempurung!!!!!!!Rasa nak mintak maaf ngan setiap orang kat situ,paling lambat kot huhu insaf dan lepas ni aku nak roomate lebih dari sorang T-T ..dan sapa lambat kena pumping atas tar,apa kejadah Jalan TAR pulak.

Thirdly,erm PRD activities, and festivals which I never know wujud rupanya.If you are wondering if there is any handsome boy or cute girl here,of course they are exist,but I think mostly of them are taken,never ask them bout this hoho.Oh talking about crush, I still remember when my friends and I adore this boy,take picture together because well you know when orientation week,senior met junior ehek and now end up with regret because he is actually in Program Dua Tahun,memalukan -_-"

I think this is my first time I share about my matrics life with you guys,banyak yang pahit dari manesss but just try enjoy N follow the flow la,hari khamis mesti termenung makan maggi sambil tengok kelapa sawit.78 days to go oh yeah.Jap je lagi,fighting dearself! I guess thats all for today,a long post heh heh,so see ya,bye everyone thank you for reading :D


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