Friday, 29 July 2016

Raya post with jiwang feeling

It's already the end of July and currently 1.32 a.m. I decide to write a post.So,my first day of productivity went well Alhamdulillah.It is not as perfect like your imagination,waking up early,pull excercises and workout,then back home take a sip of coffee and thinking bout life and end your day with a good reading material.Yepp it's 80% different but come on a baby step is not bad right.Just now,I had a conversation with Mun,my ganu classmate (We talk in ganu accent since first day eheh).I miss her,I rely on her a lot when in matrics,of course we did have some arguments before,,hek hek life in matrics sangat stress ok but at the end together we will ask for apology in person.

"Apologies can be hard but they are necessary" Tetiba jiwang ingat dot dot...

Since raya almost at the end,I would like to share with you guys some of my photos,of course bukan muka I sorang je,I'm not responsible of any vomit issue here :p

Take a look tadaaaa
Mak jemah terkezzuut sebab orang ambik gambar.propa sangat

Ni bukan gambar suruh kira jerawat okey.Makeup artist by cousins

Di tepi sawah padi nan hijau~~~
masa ni make up dah cair bukan sebab terpengaruh dengan black metal

adik pompuan saya yang ganaz

adik and le cousins
with bangla,I look scary tho

abang nak bawak tipah pergi mana

le closest cousin

Rumah mak saudara aku,Mama.I look tall hew hew

Kak Imah aka kakak susuan,yep aku ada kakak susuan 

Obviously this is Iphone or Ipod camera,lupa sebab tu muka tetiba putih.with cousins aka kakak susuan lagi

rumah Mak Ngah (sila baca dalam accent ganu)

seperti biasa,Azia di dalam ketakutan yang nyata

Mostly dalam ni single kecuali mak dengan mak saudara aku hahaha

I was suprised to get wishes from my beloved lecturer,Miss Chew(I replied her with a picture of ketupat that I made sorry miss >_< ) yep she's chinese guys.She even send me few tips before balik kampung haha,very caring one.Hiyargh feel sleepy already,ganbatte myself and you guys for tomorrow and future.Adios!Yasumi!

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