Sunday, 29 January 2017

Welcome to Sarawak Hazierah

Be a university student surely a wish come true,either me or anyone else are sharing the same feeling of enjoyment and happiness when you are finally enter the university.

"Belajar pandai-pandai nanti boleh masuk u"

Alhamdulillah,I finally archieve that.My course is Network Computing,yeah science computer.To tell you,I scared to death when I checked the UPU result,like seriously and the first thing I wanted to check is which uni I get and Alhamdulillah here I am,Unimas Sarawak and the people who flash a smile was my mother, ignoring the fact about many parents out there dont want to send their kids here -_- my mom is super mom.When people ask me why Unimas?What I was thinking when I filled the UPU are:

#By distance it is far from my home,but by time sebenarnya lebih cepat sampai rumah.
#Kos Unimas gempak-gempak,which I think it is true *not boasting myself,at ALL
#Facilities,but the operation of bowling centre is close already *tipahtertipu but hey we have swimming pool so ok la

The first week at UNIMAS,there was Minggu Aluan Pelajar (MAP) which is the part I hate the most but surely there's a sweet moment that I can cheer on until today.On the last day of MAP week,there was Malam Rumpun Budaya and I was the cheerleader of the night *vomit.Got many friends,and also a new nickname coz my face is almost similar with a senior.

this is Sakura College,freaking small coz the design came from Japan

Move in to another college

I only spent two weeks in Sakura before I moved to another hostel which is Kolej Kenanga.Why?Because I join PALAPES DARAT,this is 100% true please don't laugh because only me can do that, HAHAHAHAHAHAH gelakkan diri sendiri sambil nyanyi lagu siapa suruh masuk Palapes

Of course the expectation and the reality were totally a different word from another world,world of aliens and predators (please get me).And after a few selections,interview,and isi borang banyak nak mampus,officially I am budak Palapes,please google if you don't know what it is because I only know about Palapes in matrics before but didn't care.And know what,I need to go through Minggu Suai Kenal(MSK) *onlyforpalapes.Please remember the fact that I hate orientation week.AND again,I'll never forget that week,the struggle to become a part of this family is very challenging,and when our seniors officially announced we are officially their brothers and sisters,I think I really want to cry of happiness.

This post can be very long if I decide to tell the details XD ,wait for the next post yaw because I want to sleep after a hectic week,er I  think this happens every week.See ya,bye!

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